August 2017 Edition

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Area Profiles

Area Profiles provide a statistical summary of a given area. The information has been grouped into a number of themes including Census 2011, Deprivation, Economic and Population as well as more specific profiles created for Making Life Better and Neighbourhood Renewal.

We have continued to expand the number of geographies available, so as well as NI, LGD2014, HSCT, and AA you can now view a number of profiles at Settlement 2015 and DEA2014. Profiles are also available at statistical geographies SOA and SA.

You can access the profiles in a number of ways:

  • Search by postcode or area name using the search bar at the top of any NINIS page and select the desired geography.
  • Alternatively you can access Area Profiles for HSCT, LGD2014 or AA visually from a map view or for DEA2014 from a list

Further information on abbreviations and geographies is available on the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Long-Term International Migration Statistics 2016

The 2016 migration statistics have been released today along with an accompanying infographic. For the third successive year, the number of people who came to live in Northern Ireland exceeded the number who left (net inflow of 1,500 people).

NINIS User Guides

Don't forget you can access a range of user guides through the Learning Zone on NINIS. These include a general NINIS user guide, plus bespoke Making Life Better and Neighbourhood Renewal versions. Each guide provides an overview of NINIS and takes you through the functionality of the website.

Census Update

You can access all Census 2011 Interactive maps by selecting the Census 2011 theme under the Interactive Content drop-down menu.

A list of all standard output tables and commissioned tables from the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland is available.

Data and Interactive Maps

New datasets added to NINIS include:

Updated datasets include:

Interactive Maps include:

Contact Details

Just a reminder that the NINIS team are now located in Colby House, Stranmillis Court, BT9 5RR and can be contacted on 028 9038 8400 or Don't forget to follow @NISRA on twitter and on facebook.

NINIS Workshops

It is anticipated NINIS workshops will resume in Autumn 2017. Keep an eye out for available dates and register through the NINIS Website.

You can also contact the NINIS Customer Service Team via email.