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December 2014 Edition

The focus of this month’s E-zine is Claimant Count Unemployed Interactive Maps – Annual and Monthly

Demo2 first
New Claimant Count maps are now available on NINIS. You can switch between annual and monthly maps using the ‘link’ buttons highlighted.
Demo2 second
Maps display the annual trends of percentage of people claiming unemployment related benefits and can be easily visualised through time animation using the highlighted ‘play’ button
Demo2 third
A static Northern Ireland line, displayed in green is present in both annual and monthly Claimant Count maps. Click on areas in the table to compare figures. The original view can be restored by clicking ‘clear’ at the bottom of the table.
Demo2 fourth
The year of data displayed in the map can be selected using the years above the time animation chart.
Demo2 fifth
Click on the highlighted ‘settings’ button in the corner of the legend to customise map colours and number of data categories.

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The Claimant Count records the number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits - since October 1996 people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA). The series has been used as a main indicator of labour market activity since the 1970's and figures are derived from records of claimants held at Job Benefit Offices. Interactive maps are available for annual and monthly figures at Local Government District (LGD), Local Government District 2014 (LGD2014) and Assembly Area (AA). You need an Internet browser which supports HTML5 to view these maps. Most modern browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Chrome support HTML5.

Claimant Count Unemployed Maps are found under the ‘Labour Market’ Theme on NINIS Interactive Content.

Census Updates

Daytime Population Statistics tables for a range of different geographical breakdowns of Northern Ireland, including Local Government Districts (LGD) and Small Area (SA), were published at 9.30am on 18 December 2014.

Two short stories which include infographics have been added to 2011 Religion and No Religion.

Data and interactive maps

A number of datasets and interactive maps have been updated with latest year data during December.

Under the Health and Social Care theme, Waiting Times By Programme Of Care, Waiting Times For Inpatient Admissions and Hospital Outpatient Activity datasets have all been updated with the latest data.

Updated interactive maps include InvestNI Investment, Tourism Statistics and Noise Complaints.

New interactive maps for Claimant Count Unemployed Annual and Monthly figures have also been added (see above).

NINIS Workshops

The next NINIS Workshops will take place in McAuley House on 20 January 2015, with places on an afternoon session still available. A further date has also been added – 26 February 2015. To register, visit the Workshops section of the NINIS website.