December 2015 Edition

The focus of this month's E-Zine is
Making Life Better Area Profiles
for Local Government Districts (LGD2014)
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Making Life Better is a ten year strategic framework for public health launched in 2014. It provides direction for policies and actions to improve the health and well-being of the people of Northern Ireland and reduce inequalities in health. Further information can be found within the Making Life Better Strategic framework document and the Key Indicators and Baseline Report.

Making Life Better Area Profiles are now available for each of the 11 council areas in addition to the ones already available for the five Health and Social Care Trusts. These Area Profiles provide information on the health and wellbeing of residents in each of the areas grouped by the six Making Life Better themes.

The Key Overarching Indicators and Statistics for each theme can be accessed from the NINIS Website.

A NINIS Making Life Better User Guide is also available.


A new infographic with some key population facts for Northern Ireland in 2014 has been published.

Census Update

Additional Census 2011 commissioned tables have been uploaded including:

A list of all standard output tables and commissioned tables from the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland is available.

New/Updated Datasets

A number of new/updated datasets have been added to NINIS including:

Interactive content

A number of new/updated interactive maps have been added to NINIS including:

Data Quality

NISRA has made every effort to ensure that the information contained on the pages of the NINIS website is accurate and up to date. A new Data Quality page has been added to the NINIS website which explains the Quality Assurance Procedures undertaken by NISRA.

Despite our best efforts and quality control procedures, mistakes can happen. When they do, corrections are made in a timely manner, announced and clearly explained to users. For a log of the changes NISRA has made to tables on NINIS, see:

Central Postcode Directory

A new Central Postcode Directory (CPD) was published on Friday 11 December 2015. This version of the CPD now includes look-ups for postcode to new settlements (2015) and Travel To Work Areas (2011), as well as look-ups to other geographies from the previous version, including new Wards (2014) and District Electoral Areas (DEA2014).

NINIS Workshops

The next NINIS workshop will take place on 14 January 2016. You can register for this workshop on the NINIS website.