December 2016 Edition

Merry Christmas from the NINIS team

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NINIS Customer Survey

Thank you to all who responded to our recent customer survey. In total we received 187 responses. Of those who used the website / service, 89% rated the service provided by the NINIS team as good or excellent, whilst 83% rated the NINIS website as good or excellent.

Our diverse customer base was evident, incorporating users from the public, private and voluntary sector. The main uses of the NINIS site were background information/research (92%), socio/economic profiling (39%) and benchmarking/monitoring (28%).

A summary of the results can be seen in the infographic below, and for complete results you can contact the NINIS Team.

The NINIS team will review the full results from the survey and keep users informed of developments in the new year.

Did you know?

  • The NINIS website is most active between 12 noon and 1pm
  • The most active day of the week for the site is Thursday
  • The least active day is Saturday
  • The most popular browser used is Google Chrome
  • Of mobile devices the Apple iPhone is the most used to access the NINIS website.

2015/16 Summary Infographic

We have created a new infographic highlighting some Key Statistics published on NINIS during 2016, including new datasets on Car Ownership and Organ Donor Register Registrations.

Long-term International Migration

Long-Term International Migration Statistics for Northern Ireland (2015) were released on 15th December. The number of people who moved here to live in year ending mid-2015 exceeded the number who left (23,600 and 21,500 respectively). This has resulted in a net inward migration of 2,000 people.

The full report can be found on the NISRA website including the infographic below.

Data and Interactive Maps

A number of datasets and interactive maps have been updated with latest year data.

Updated datasets include:

Updated interactive maps include

Census Update

Census 2011 Key Statistics Maps are available with District Electoral Area (DEA2014) data. Maps available include Economic Activity, Household Composition and Religion or Religion Brought Up In.

A list of all standard output tables and commissioned tables from the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland is available.

You can access all Census 2011 Interactive Maps by selecting the Census 2011 theme under the Interactive Content drop-down menu.

NINIS Workshops

NINIS workshops will resume in spring 2017. In the meantime, if you wish to register your interest, please email the NINIS Team.