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NI Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017

The updated Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measures were published on 23 November 2017. The measures, known as NIMDM 2017, were informed through public consultation and provide a mechanism for ranking the 890 Super Output Areas (SOAs) in Northern Ireland from the most deprived (rank 1) to the least deprived (rank 890).

They include ranks of the areas for each of the 7 distinct types (or domains) of deprivation, which have been combined to produce an overall multiple deprivation measure (MDM) rank of the areas. The MDM ranks of the areas should be considered in conjunction with those for each of the 7 domains in order to gain a comprehensive picture of deprivation.

The full results are available on the NISRA website:

Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017 (NIMDM2017)

Datasets, an Interactive Map and Infographics for Local Government Districts (LGD2014) and Rural Areas are now available on the NINIS website.

NI Longitudinal Study (NILS)

The NILS synthetic data spine is now available for downloading on the NILS-RSU website.

A simple proportional fitting algorithm has been used to extend the national 2011 Census Microdata Teaching files (derived from the Samples of Anonymised Records) to include longitudinal transitions (currently a ten year transition back to 2001), derived from the real LS data. The synthetic spine state transitions are for some of the most commonly used variables in social science research, including health, marital status, and religion, as well as estimates for the numbers of births and deaths. These data are for general use and will allow users who are unfamiliar with longitudinal data to get a feel for the kinds of questions that can be answered by following individuals through time and observing changes in their characteristics.

Please note, the NILS synthetic data spine contains synthetic data based on the NILS and does not contain real NILS data. Real NILS microdata are available in the secure environment in NISRA Headquarters, Colby House, Belfast. The microdata are never released outside of this secure environment. Researchers may apply to use the NILS data by contacting NILS-RSU.

Further information on synthetic LS data, including the downloadable synthetic data spines for the NILS, the ONS LS and the SLS can be found on the CALLS-HUB website.

Data and Interactive Maps

A number of datasets and interactive maps have been added or updated on the NINIS Website.

New / Updated datasets include:

Interactive Maps include:

Contact Details

Just a reminder that the NINIS team are now located in Colby House, Stranmillis Court, BT9 5RR and can be contacted on 028 9038 8400 or Don't forget to follow @NISRA on twitter and on facebook.

NINIS Workshops

The next NINIS workshop has been scheduled for the afternoon of 31 January 2018 with additional places available on the morning of 28 February 2018. If you would like to attend please register your interest on the NINIS Website.

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