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July 2014 Edition

The focus of this month’s Ezine is Data Visualisation available on NINIS.

Demo2 first
Infographics are a visual representation of the data intended to highlight key data quickly and clearly (Wikipedia).
Demo2 second
Thematic Maps show data for administrative and statistical boundaries on a map by colouring these regions using sequential colours. Darker colours indicate a higher percentage or number.
Demo2 third
Point Maps show data on a map for specific points using grid references.
Demo2 fourth
Tree Maps display the data as a set of nested rectangles with each rectangle’s area proportionate to the data it represents.
Demo2 fifth
Population Pyramids show the age and sex distribution of the population. It allows you to easily see the number of people of each age living in an area.
Demo2 sixh
Word Clouds are a way of representing text data visually.

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NINIS hosts a range of data visualisations including Infographics, Thematic Maps, Point Maps, Tree Maps, Population Pyramids, Word Clouds. These can be found under the Interactive Content menu on NINIS.

A new logo has been added to the Interactive Content page for infographics and word clouds as shown below.

To view some of the most recent infographics created on the NINIS website follow the links below:

Updated NINIS Data

Provisional 2013 Deaths statistics for Northern Ireland have been added to the following NINIS datasets: Deaths, Deaths by cause, Alcohol Related Deaths, Drug Related Deaths and Death Due to Drug Misuse, Infant Deaths and Still Births and Median Age at death. A Death 2013 (Provisional) Infographic is also available on NINIS

Population datasets updated with latest year data include Population Estimates: Broad Age Bands, Population Totals, and Components of Population Change.

A number of datasets have been updated under the Crime and Justice theme, including Recorded Crime, Hate Crime Offences, Domestic Abuse Offences and Anti-Social Behaviour Incidents. Updated datasets available at PSNI Area level only include Domestic Abuse Offences and Incident, Hate Crime Offences and Incidents, Allegations received by the Police Ombudsman's Office, Complaints received by the Police Ombudsman's Office and Recommendations made by the Police Ombudsman's Office.

NINIS Workshops

There will be no NINIS Workshops held over the summer, although they will resume again in September 2014. Keep an eye on the Workshop section of the NINIS website for upcoming dates.