November 2014 Edition

The focus of this month’s Ezine is Road Traffic Collision Maps

Demo2 first
Road Traffic Collisions Maps are found under the ‘Travel and Transport’ Theme on NINIS Interactive Content
Demo2 second
Road Traffic Collisions by severity of injury are mapped on a Google maps background
Demo2 third
Users can zoom in to see Collisions on individual streets
Demo2 fourth
The background can be changed to a satellite image
Demo2 fifth
One map shows fatalities only from 2008-2013

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Road Traffic Collision maps on NINIS are derived from data collected on Collision Report Forms (CRFs) that are completed by police officers when dealing with collisions involving death or personal injury occurring on a road or other public place. You need an Internet browser which supports HTML5 to view these maps. Most modern browser such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Chrome support HTML5.

Road Traffic Collisions Maps are found under the ‘Travel and Transport’ Theme on NINIS Interactive Content.

Census 2011

Workplace Population Statistics tables for a range of different geographical breakdowns of Northern Ireland, including Local Government Districts (LGD) and Super Output Areas (SOA), were published at 9.30am on 19 November 2014.

Daytime Population Statistics for Northern Ireland will be published at 9.30am on 18 December 2014. This release comprises estimates of the number and characteristics of the daytime population of Northern Ireland for a range of different geographical breakdowns, including Local Government District (LGD) and Small Area (SA).

Latest year/new data

A number of datasets and interactive maps have been updated with latest year data during November.

Updated datasets include New Dwelling Starts, Average Rates Bill and Social Housing Allocations.

Interactive maps updated with latest data include Median Sale Price of Residential Properties - October 2013 to September 2014

One new dataset was added to NINIS this month, Self-Harm Presentations at Hospital Emergency Departments, found under the Health and Social Care statistics theme.

NINIS Workshops

There will be no NINIS workshops during December. The next NINIS workshop will be held in McAuley House on 20 January 2015 at 2pm. To register, visit the Workshops section of the NINIS website.