November 2015 Edition

The focus of this month's E-Zine is
Economic Area Profiles
for Local Government Districts (LGD2014)
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Economic Area Profiles for the new 11 Local Government Districts (LGD2014) are now available on NINIS.

Statistics are available on a range of topics including Demography, Labour Market, Business, Tourism and Personal Finance.

Economic Area Profiles can be accessed by entering your postcode in the search box at the top of the web page. This will open an Area Profile at Local Government District (LGD2014). You should then select the ‘Economic’ tab.

Economic Datasets are available under several themes on the NINIS website: Business and Energy, Economy and Labour Market.

Census Update

Census 2011 Combined Grid Square Product for Northern Ireland which provides basic 2011 Census statistics for a combination of 1 kilometre and 100 metre grid squares in Northern Ireland will be published at 9.30am on 15 October 2015.

Further information is available on the NISRA Website.

NI Population Projections

The latest Population Projections for Northern Ireland were released on 29 October 2015.

The population of Northern Ireland at mid-2039 is projected to be 2.021 million people.

A Population Pyramid and an Infographic are available on NINIS under the population theme

Further information is available on the NISRA Website.

Updated Area Profile/Datasets

Neighbourhood Renewal Area Profiles have been updated with latest available data.

People and Places tables were updated with 2015 figures including:

Attendance Allowance Recipients (administrative geographies), Carers Allowance Claimants (administrative geographies), Client Group Analysis Claimants (administrative geographies), Disability Living Allowance Recipients (administrative geographies), Employment and Support Allowance Claimants (administrative geographies), Housing Benefit Claimants (statistical geographies).

NINIS Workshops

The next NINIS workshop will take place on 17 November 2015. You can register for this workshop on the NINIS website.