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September 2014 Edition

The focus of this month’s Ezine is - New 11 District Councils (LGD2014)

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It is just six months until the 11 new District Councils (LGD2014) become operational in April 2015. Data relating to the new LGD2014 geography was first published on NINIS in January 2014. NINIS now has a range of datasets, area profile reports and interactive content available at the new geography. Deprivation profiles have also been produced for the new Districts (LGD2014).

Datasets - available on NINIS for the new Districts (LGD2014) including 55 Census 2011 datasets, 3 Census 2001 datasets and 105 datasets across all other Themes.

Area Profile Reports which highlight some of the key statistics are available for Population, Census 2011, Deprivation 2010 and Investing for Health for each new LGD2014.

There are 73 items under the Interactive Content Menu including Interactive Maps, Population Pyramids and Infographics.

Census 2011

Estimates of the number and characteristics of the non-UK born short-term resident population of Northern Ireland were published at 9.30am on 24 September 2014 as part of the Census 2011 release schedule. Datasets are available under the Census 2011 Statistics theme on NINIS.

Other NINIS Data

New datasets added to NINIS in September include:

Datasets updated with latest year data include:

Interactive maps have been updated for relevant datasets and a new interactive map is now available for Schools data showing the numbers and type of schools.

NINIS Workshops

The next NINIS Workshop will take place in McAuley House on 28 October 2014 at 2pm. To register, visit the Workshops section of the NINIS website.