22/06/2017 - Population Estimates 2016 released

Mid-Year Population Estimates for Areas within Northern Ireland as of 30 June 2016 were published today.

The Northern Ireland 2016 mid-year population is estimated to be 1.862 million people.

Datasets by age and sex, Interactive Maps, a Population Pyramid and an Infographic are available on NINIS under the Population Theme.

Further information is available on the NISRA website.

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27/04/2017 - Top Baby Names 2016

Just arrived....Baby Names 2016

The latest Baby Names publication has been published today on the NISRA website. You can also access interactive maps for boys and girls names on the NINIS website, as well as Top Names by Area.

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03/03/2017 - New and updated interactive maps

A number of interactive maps have been updated with latest year data, and new maps have also been added to NINIS.

Updated maps include include Gross Weekly Pay, Deaths and Essential Skills Enrolments.

New maps added to NINIS include Poverty, Organ Donation Register Registrations and Tourism - Estimated Overnight Trips, Nights and Expenditure.

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03/03/2017 - Updated datasets

A number of datasets have ben updated with latest year data.

Updated datasets include Smoking Cessation Services, Employee Jobs and Bowel Cancer Screening.

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25/01/2017 - Making Life Better Northern Ireland Area Profile

A new Making Life Better Area Profile providing information on the health and wellbeing of residents in Northern Ireland is now available on NINIS.

The Northern Ireland Area profile is in addition to those already available including LGD2014, Health Trust and Assembly Area geographies.

To view the Area Profile, enter your postcode into the NINIS search box, select the NI area profile tab, followed by the Making Life Better tab.

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23/01/2017 - Updated datasets and interactive maps

A number of datasets and interactive maps have been updated with latest year data.

Updated datasets include Marriages by age and sex, Drug Related Deaths and Deaths due to Drug Misuse, Noise Complaints, and Meals Service.

Interactive maps updated with latest year data include Disability Living Allowance Recipients, Percentage Claimant Count Unemployed Monthly and Civil Servants by Home and Work Location.

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22/12/2016 - NINIS E-Zine

The latest NINIS E-Zine has been issued.

It includes an overview of the NINIS customer survey results, a new summary infographic for NI statistics and Long-Term International Migration Data.

The NINIS team would like to take this opportunity to wish all our users a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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07/12/2016 - Updated datasets

Benefits datasets on NINIS have been updated with 2016 data.

Updated datasets, found under the People and Places theme include Housing Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Carers Allowance and Jobseekers Allowance.

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30/11/2016 - Small Area Population Estimates 2015 released

Mid-Year Population Estimates for Small Areas within Northern Ireland as of 30 June 2015 were published today.

This release comprises mid-2015 estimates of the total population for the 4,537 Census Small Areas in Northern Ireland, as well as mid-2015 population estimates by broad age bands for the 36 Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRAs) in Northern Ireland.

Further information is available on the NISRA website.

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24/11/2016 - Census 2011 maps updated for DEA2014

Census 2011 Key Statistics Interactive Maps have been updated with District Electoral Area (DEA2014) data.

Maps available include Economic Activity, Household Composition and Religion or Religion Brought Up In.

You can access all Census 2011 Interactive Maps by selecting the Census 2011 theme under the Interactive Content drop-down menu.

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