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Components of Population Change Interactive Map

Key Overarching Indicators

Making Life Better is a ten year strategic framework for public health launched in 2014. It provides direction for policies and actions to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Northern Ireland and reduce inequalities in health.

Further information can be found within the Making Life Better strategic framework document and the Key Indicators and Baseline Report.

To facilitate high-level monitoring of progress a set of key indicators has been agreed.

You can view Statistics or Interactive Content on Making Life Better. Area Profiles for Making Life Better can be accessed by searching for postcode, street or area in the search box. You can also view Area Profiles for Health and Social Care Trust (HSCT), Local Government District (LGD2014) and Assembly Area (AA) on a Map View.


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Key Overarching IndicatorsDeathsWard,Ward2014,DEA2014,LGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT1999-2019HTMLMap
Key Overarching IndicatorsLife ExpectancyLGD2014,LGD,AA,HSCT2001-2011FlashMap
Data VisualisationNILS 10 Year AnniversaryNI2006-2016PDFData visualisation
Key Overarching IndicatorsPopulation Estimates: Broad Age BandsSOA,Ward,LGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2001-2020HTMLMap
Key Overarching IndicatorsPopulation Estimates: ComparatorLGD,LGD20142007,2017FlashPopulation Pyramid
Key Overarching IndicatorsPopulation Estimates: Components of Population ChangeLGD2014,LGD,AA,HSCT2001-2020HTMLMap
Key Overarching IndicatorsPopulation Estimates: TotalsSA,SOA,Ward,LGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2001-2020HTMLMap
Data VisualisationPopulation ProjectionsNI1986-2068PDFData visualisation
Data VisualisationPopulation ProjectionsLGD20142014-2024PDFData visualisation
Key Overarching IndicatorsPopulation ProjectionsLGD20142018-2028HTMLMap
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