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Components of Population Change Interactive Map

Crime and Justice

Statistics relating to Crime and Justice are collected from the public, police forces and other justice agencies. The statistics include types of crime, the work of the police and the functioning of the justice system. They also relate to the general public’s experience and perceptions of crime.

Statistical information available on NINIS includes:

  • PSNI – Anti Social Behaviour Incidents, Domestic Abuse and Hate Motivation, Recorded Crime, Risk of Victimisation
  • DOJ – NI Crime Survey

You can view Statistics or Interactive Content on this theme. You can also view a list of all datasets and interactive content, by theme and subtheme, available on NINIS.


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PoliceAllegations received by the Police Ombudsmans OfficeLGD20142011-2019HTMLMap
CrimeAnti-Social Behaviour IncidentsHSCT,AA,LGD2014,DEA2014,Ward20142006-2019HTMLMap
PoliceComplaints received by the Police Ombudsmans OfficeLGD20142011-2019HTMLMap
CrimeIncidents and Crimes with a Domestic Abuse MotivationWard2014,DEA2014,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2004-2019HTMLMap
CrimeIncidents and Crimes with a Hate MotivationWard2014,DEA2014,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2004-2019HTMLMap
CrimePolice Recorded CrimeHSCT,AA,LGD2014,Ward2014,DEA20142000-2019HTMLMap
JusticeYouth Justice Agency WorkloadLGD,LGD20142008-2019HTMLMap