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Components of Population Change Interactive Map


Economic statistics measure different aspects of and provide insight into the NI economy.

Statistical information available on NINIS includes:


Information under the Labour Market theme may also be of interest to users of economic statistics.

You can view Statistics or Interactive Content on this theme. You can also view a list of all datasets and interactive content, by theme and subtheme, available on NINIS.


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Personal FinancesBankruptcy Cases DisposedLGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2005-2020HTMLMap
Government Receipts and Expenditure District Council RatesLGD,LGD20142004-2021HTMLMap
Personal FinancesMortgage Cases Received and DisposedLGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2005-2020HTMLMap
Personal FinancesProperty Repossessions CompletedLGD,LGD2014,AA,HSCT2007-2020HTMLMap