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Quality Assurance Process

Before uploading the data to the NINIS website, the NINIS team format the data received from data suppliers. The metadata are then agreed and signed off by data suppliers.

Once the data and interactive map (where applicable) are uploaded to the website, the relevant links are sent to data suppliers for final checking. Confirmation is sought from the data suppliers to ensure they are content with the information uploaded.

NINIS do not change any figures provided by suppliers and do not apply any disclosure contol. If any figures are starred out in a data set (usually due to data disclosure) then it cannot be uploaded to the NINIS grid and is available in a spreadsheet format only.

At times, the NINIS team may aggregate data to specific geographies, for example Neighbourhood renewal areas or allocate geographic areas to the data using the Central Postcode Directory. This work is checked by a member of the NINIS team..

The majority of data released on NINIS are Official or National Statistics and therefore providers adhere to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. Please see ‘Quality & Validity’ section of Metadata for National Statistics status. National Statistics are produced to high professional standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics They undergo regular assurance reviews to ensure that they meet customer needs. They are produced free from any political interference.

For any data revisions, methodology changes etc made by data suppliers please see metadata for each individual dataset. Also see NINIS Importance of Metadata.

For a log of the changes NISRA has made to census tables, see:

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